With the power of Elementor you can change every aspect of your website whenever you want – without any problem


We start with planning, trying to figure out what your new website needs and how we can make it efficient


Second is sketching. We design your new website demo with Figma and show you for your approval


After taking your approval, we start building. Thanks to Elementor, even at this point you can make changes without any problem


Before the end of your journey we make sure there isn’t any problem with your website and then grant your brand new website to you

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Freedom to
Traditional websites has lots of difficulties, when you want to change one aspect this might cause all the systems to collapse. Because of this situation we use Elementor when we build websites, Elementor grants us freedom. With Elementor we build websites like legos, when we want to change a block we just change it, it does not affect any other block (unless you want to)!

AiBell Game Loc.

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Graphic Design

RTS Reklam

Catalog Design

Gist Displays

Post Design and Content Writing

Esal Alüminyum

Web Design
High Compatibility With

You can use any screen you want to use, with the combination of our design skills and Elementor’s responsiveness tools we can build a page that works for every screen!

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We are Lejyon, we are Elementor focused web design and graphic design company from Istanbul-Turkey.