What Is Elementor? Elementor Pros and Cons.

Do you want to have a website that you can’t change any part of it even if you wanted to? A website you paid for but don’t have authority on it? I think in most cases the answer would be no. But in reality, people pay for websites they can’t control. Of course, you can change slider images, add and remove products or share a new blogpost, but that’s it. You can’t change slider features, add new options to your product page or update your homepage design on your own without breaking anything up. And that is exactly why we use Elementor, to provide you freedom.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a page builder plugin for WordPress CMS, but unlike its rivals Elementor has various tools that allow you to build an entire website without using any other plugins. We can say that Elementor is very similar to Adobe Photoshop. If you have a little knowledge, you can create something but if you want to create a website that is complex and beautiful at the same time then you should spend more time with Elementor or get some help from experts.

Elementor Pros

1 – Customization Features

Elementor allows us to customize every aspect of your website, from changing form designs to create an entire e-commerce website, you can create almost everything with Elementor.

2 – Mobile Optimization

Elementor provides tools to allow us to create responsive designs, with responsive design features you can keep your design ready-to-use for every screen

3 – Functionality / All-In-One

With Elementor you don’t need various plugins for different tasks. Do you need a form? You can create a form with Elementor or you may need a slider, info box, gallery, header-footer, countdown section, progress tracker, an accordion bar for FAQ page. Whatever you need it’s most likely already on Elementor.

4 – Integration With Other Plugins

But at one point maybe Elementor does not contain tool to that can help your need. It’s not a problem at all, most of the plugins in WordPress plugin catalog work integrated with Elementor. Let’s think you need a SEO plugin to increase your visibility on search engines, then you will probably use YoastSEO but your website entirely built by using Elementor, will there be any conflicts between your plugins? The answer is simple: No. WordPress is the most popular CMS and Elementor is one of the most popular plugins and the most popular page builder in WordPress. Almost every developer develops their plugins compatible with Elementor.

Elementor Cons

1 – Bushnell’s Law

Founder of Atari Inc. Nolan Bushnell:

“All the best games are easy to learn and difficult to master. They should reward the first quarter and the hundredth.”

Elementor is easy to start, you can change aspects of a design that’s already done by the others. But if you want to create an entire website or an e-commerce platform with it, you must spend several hours with Elementor.

2 – You Can’t Create “Everything” With Elementor

Let’s say you want to create a highly complex website like Facebook or Amazon. Can you create it? Of course not. You can create wonderful websites and basic-mid class e-commerce sites but you can’t build a website that need teams and software engineers with just one plugin.

Uğur Yılmaz

Uğur Yılmaz

Uğur Yılmaz has been taking an active role in “Graphic Design” sector since 2014, and under Lejyon.net he has been working in the Wordpress web design, social media management and graphic design fields since 2019.

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